✨Miley Cyrus & Sky Ferreira✨; by Asaph Luccas.

Help me to make ‘em see it!
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Guilherme; by Asaph Luccas.

A portrait of a friend of mine who’s turning 20 today and has a beautiful relationship with art. I love you, buddy.

CORPO CRU; por Asaph Luccas.

It means “RAW BODY”. I missed painting with watercolors but I’m too poor to buy new art supplies.

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maghrabiyya whispered: Your art is everything, I'm so inspired.

Thank you! I smile everytime I read something like this, it’s been so hard for me to keep doing my art lately and lovely comments are such an inspiration to keep going! ♥

Ramones é minha bebida favorita e o som do Jack Daniels é foda; por Asaph Luccas.

Something like “Ramones is my favorite drink and Jack Daniels music is dope!” in portuguese.

It’s Just Another Day; by Asaph Luccas.

I was inspired by Paul McCartney’s Another Day and the time I was feeling so shitty that I wasn’t able to go outside.